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Turtle BeachDecember 23, 2021

Battlefield 2042 Battle Royale Mode Leaks And Everything We Know


Battlefield 2042 players are preparing for the ultimate war, as rumors of a battle royale mode are in the air. Existing modes like Hazard Zone might scratch that itch to an extent, but nothing can compete with a true last-team-standing skirmish.

The Battlefield franchise has tried to reinvent the battle royale genre before, with the ill-received Firestorm from Battlefield 5 failing to cause more than a light simmer. Could Firestorm 2.0 be on the cards in the future? Here’s everything we know from leaks and official details about the possible battle royale mode in Battlefield 2042.

Will Battle Royale Come To Battlefield 2042?

Reputable Battlefield 2042 leaker Tom Henderson recently put together a timeline of 2042’s product, noting various issues and directional changes along the way. Among his breakdown, he noted that Battlefield 2042 could be receiving a battle royale “in the very near future.” According to Henderson, however, this could be still quite far away, as he stated that it “doesn’t seem like it’s going to be on the cards in the next six months."

Henderson’s insights have left many players believing that the original direction of the game was to be a fully-fledged battle royale. The production of Battlefield 2042 has been a conversation topic within the series’ community for months, stretching long before the game’s release. Many doubted how authentic the experience would ultimately be. Opting to restructure familiar ideas and even drop others, Battlefield 2042 hasn’t had the easiest road to launch. Season One of 2024’s content is due to get going in January, with its first batch of post-launch content to spruce up the experience.

As new content begins to hit the game, it wouldn’t be surprising if the seeds for a new battle royale mode were laid steadily. Some players have already used the power of Portal mode to bring a battle royale to life. The demand is clearly there, but would it stick the landing or fail like Firestorm before it?

How Battlefield 2042 Could Improve On Firestorm

Firestorm had the foundations to be a truly fierce competitor in the battle royale genre. Using the glorious visuals and constantly evolving gameplay (for the better, due to patches) of Battlefield 5, it was touted to be something special. Unfortunately, a lack of support and enthusiasm from the developers and players alike left the game mode in the dirt. Yet Firestorm showed glimmers of promise. It could be easily resurrected into a thrilling 2042 experience.

Basic amenities like buying back players into the game weren’t present in Firestorm. If you die, you’re out for good. And while that brutality suits the cold feel of Battlefield’s combat, it isn’t a rewarding experience for players looking to co-ordinate as a squad. Firestorm ultimately wasn’t exactly player friendly, whether you were an experienced Battlefield player or a newcomer to the franchise. It also lacked a constant sense of danger due to an enormous map that was filled with generic buildings and lackluster locations.

Revitalizing The Experience

Battlefield 2042 maps like Kaleidoscope and Discarded have shown their worth in the battle royale adjacent Hazard Zone. Showcasing diverse regions and interesting areas to explore in their simplistic settings, these maps could easily fit a Battle Royale mode in 2042.

The introduction of Specialists would fare well in a battle royale, too. While the concept of characters isn’t anything new, Battlefield’s signature brand of chaos could reinforce the setup to offer a battle royale experience like no other. Utilizing the abilities of each Specialist in a squad has already enabled Hazard Zone to output compelling action. Bringing this to the consistent heat and threat of a battle royale is a no-brainer.

Free For Everyone?

Of course, the inclusion of a battle royale mode begs another question: Will it be free? The traditional model of the genre lends itself to a more inclusive price point. But 2042 rolled out as a true next-gen shooter, and it remains to be seen whether a Battlefield 2042 battle royale would be shipped out as a separate entity for all.

Battlefield 2042 is still young and has a lot of players to appease after numerous launch bugs left a sour taste in the mouth. As the New Year begins to approach, who knows what Battlefield 2042 will look like in 24 months’ time.