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Turtle BeachJuly 29, 2022

Apex Legend Valkyrie Nerf Denied By Developer

No Nerf

Apex Legends has been one of the biggest sucess stories within EA in recent years, and the developers aren't stopping at the eletric battle royale it appears.

Speaking of success stories, Valkyrie has seen an epic rise to the top of the Apex Legends throne since she was late.

But, like anything popular within Apex, some players were calling for nerfs, and it went viral to some degree.

However, this was ultimately shut down by some Apex developers!

Apex Legend Valkyrie Nerf Denied By Developer

There's no denying that Valkyrie is the best legend within Apex, and this has been the case for quite some time.

Her kit is stellar, as it allows her to get into spots most players wouldn't be able too, or take a long time doing so.

As well, her ultimate ability is essentially a get out of jail free card for anyone looking to not fight a team or rotate into storm late.

For those who didn't see, the nerf that players were sharing all over the internet was to reduce her jets by 25% capacity, along with her taking the ability to scan enemies while in the air away.

The latter is one of the better passives Valkyrie offers for players, but thankfully this has been shut down by Aaron 'Exgeniar,' one of the Live Technical Designer's over at Respawn.

All he said was “F12, inspect, edit,” which confirms the leak is fake!

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