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Turtle BeachSeptember 6, 2022

Apex Legends Leaker Reveals The Latest Map

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Apex Legends Season 14 has launched worldwide and with Apex being in one of the best places it's been in quite some time, fans are stoked to see what kind of content comes in the near future.

Speaking of content, its been some time since players got to test out a brand new map, and now, an Apex leaker has uncovered what the next map could be.

Here's all we know!

Apex Legends Leaker Reveals The Latest Map

The latest map was revealed during the massive Apex leak, that bascially uncovered information about the game for the next couple of years.

While some of you may have forgotten about it, the Moon map is something we cannot forget, as there was numreous vidoes posted to Reddit showcasing the layout/design.

Furthermore, we could see the map sooner than later thanks to some credible news from ThordanSmash, who has noted that we should see the Moon map within Season 15.

The map appears to use all sorts of aspects that we've seen in previous maps, and there's a ton of playable areas around the sides for players to interact with.

For now, we'll have to wait and see what more comes out of the Moon map!