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Turtle BeachSeptember 29, 2022

All Vault Locations In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4


Fortnite has evolved over the years, and if you played at all during Chapter 2, you're more than aware of some of the wacky features they can add.

One aspect that isn't as wacky, but moreso loved by players is the vaults.

These are locations throughout the map where then loot is increased dramtically, kitting your player out with some incredible weapons and other items.

Here's all the vault locations within Chapter 3 Season 4.

All Vault Locations For Chapter 3 Season 4

Opposed to past seasons, where players would have to eliminate the leader of the hideout, snag their keycard and use it to open the vault, Epic has put some restictions on vaults this season.

Instead, players will only be able to open them with other players, not allowing them to open one, if they're by themselves or playing solos.

However, if you're playing with friends or random people via the matchmaking fill, then you'll be able to open them up and gain access to some incredible loot.

In total, there's numerous vaults around the Fortnite map and they're posted down below thanks to Fortnite.gg.

As well, if you're looking to open these vaults, be sure to check out how to open vaults this season!

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