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Turtle BeachJune 13, 2022

All Games Coming To Xbox Game Pass in 2022 and 2023

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Xbox Game Pass has risen to become one of the biggest saving graces within gaming in recent years.

It feels as Xbox is always adding new releases to the service, and it's only going to get better for the next year or so.

Here's all the games coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2022 and 2023.

All Games Coming To Xbox Game Pass in 2022 and 2023

During the Xbox and Bethesda showcase there were numerous titles that fans were amped to see and hopefully play sometime soon.

Thankfully, all the games that were revealed on June 12, are coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one, and are all releasing within the next year.

So, we're going to run over all the announced titles for Xbox Game Pass and while there isn't concrete release dates for numerous ones, we have a general timeline of when fans can expect to see them.


  • Naraka: Bladepoint
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle
  • As Dusk Falls
  • Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels
  • Sea of Thieves Season 7
  • Somerville
  • A Plague Tale: Requiem
  • Valheim
  • Warhammer 40,000: Darktide
  • Grounded
  • Lightyear Frontier
  • Fallout 76 Expeditions: The Pitt
  • Overwatch 2
  • High On Life
  • Atomic Heart
  • Gunfire Reborn
  • Persona 5 Royal
  • Scorn
  • Pentiment
  • Halo Infinite Season 3
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition
  • Party Animals
  • Slime Rancher 2
  • Hello Neighbor 2
  • The Callisto Protocol


  • Diablo 4
  • Redfall
  • Starfield
  • Forza Motorsport
  • Minecraft Legends
  • Ara: History Untold
  • Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2
  • Flintlock: Siege of Dawn
  • Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes
  • League of Legends
  • League of Legends: Wild Rift
  • Valorant
  • Teamfight Tactics
  • Legends of Runeterra
  • Ark 2
  • Resident Evil 4
  • Persona 3 Portable
  • Persona 4 Golden
  • Replaced
  • Ereban: Shadow Legacy
  • Ravenlok
  • Dead Space
  • The Last Case of Benedict Fox
  • Cocoon

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