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Nick FarrellJune 10, 2024

Valorant Map Abyss: Full Trailer and More

The anticipation behind every new Valorant Act is one that players worldwide look forward too, and players are eager to dive into the next update, 8.11. 

This update is going to add the brand new map Abyss, and we've got some details below. 

Valorant Map Abyss: Full Trailer and More 

Riot Games has announced that during the next update, which is currently slated to release sometime in early June, will be changing the map pool up quite a bit.

Abyss is the first Valorant map that won't have any boundaries, so it'll be quite interesting to see how this plays out. 

Riot Games and VALORANT today revealed Abyss, the newest map launching on June 11, 2024. Abyss is the first VALORANT map that has no boundaries, encouraging players to think creatively about how utility and movement can be used in exciting ways. 

Abyss will take players into the clandestine base of the Scions of the Hourglass, a mysterious organization of assassins. Located at the edge of the world and concealed within a treacherous chasm, players will experience vertical gameplay and precarious pitfalls. Key features of the map include:

  • 2 Spike Sites

  • 3 Lane Layout

  • “Death Drops”

  • Creative “Jump Shortcuts”

  • Branching mid paths  

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