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Turtle BeachMarch 24, 2022

New Battlefield Game Already In Development With "Modern/Near Future" Setting


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New Battlefield Game Already In Development With “Modern/Near Future” Setting


March 24, 2022

DICE has already started pre-production on a new Battlefield game according to several sources speaking with industry insider Tom Henderson. A report published by Henderson on Xfire goes into more detail, explaining that the developer has learned “valuable lessons” from the rocky release of Battlefield 2042, which internally is being described “as a miss.”

Whilst it was earlier believed that EA would attempt to salvage Battlefield 2042 by using it to act as a foundation for the future – with the next Battlefield game being built upon it – Henderson’s sources have hinted that plans may have now changed.

“I think we’ll be reverting a lot of the changes we made in Battlefield 2042,” one inside source claimed.

The report on Xfire goes on to suggest that recent Battlefield 2042 playtests could be pushing the game and future games towards more of a “hero shooter”, and away from the specialists which have not been that warmly received by the games core playerbase.

Several people invited to these sessions believe that the changes coming to the specialist system in Battlefield 2024 will tie specialists’ roles to classes more closely, which is a change the community wanted before Battlefield 2042 was even released. It’s a change that is likely to come to the next Battlefield game too, with the plan to get players more invested into their characters. – Tom Henderson

Whilst any new Battlefield game is expected to still be some way out, Henderson’s sources have suggested that pre-production is underway with a ‘large portion’ of DICE’s staff now working on the title. In addition, whilst plans could yet change, this next title in the series will adopt a “modern/near-future setting”.

As for Battlefield 2042, the game doesn’t appear to have been dropped entirely, with DICE  still committed to releasing what content they promised before the game’s critical and commercial failure. As such, we still have four seasons of content to look forward to, along with a new battle pass, a new specialist, and new locations with each season that does eventually arrives.

New modes, weapons, vehicles, maps, and more are still coming to Battlefield 2042 and are expected to be delivered throughout its life cycle. In addition, Ripple Effect is working hard to bring new content to Battlefield Portal soon. – Tom Henderson

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