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Turtle BeachApril 29, 2022

New Modern Warfare 2 Teaser Reveals New Location, and Return Of Task Force 141


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New Modern Warfare 2 Teaser Reveals New Location, and Return Of Task Force 141


April 29, 2022

On Thursday Infinity Ward confirmed that the new Call of Duty game for 2022 would be Modern Warfare 2, a follow up to the 2019 Modern Warfare reboot.

As we’re sure you might have seen this was revealed along with a small animation on Twitter which revealed what new logo for the game, along with the tagline “the new era of Call of Duty is coming.”

If you happened to miss the tweet in question, you can see it just below. However, this obviously why you’ve clicked. Truth is, fans have spotted a few teasers in the animation which may reveal a few more clues about what to expect when Modern Warfare 2 launches later this year.

First off, it’s more or less a dead cert that Task Force 141 will return, since at around 7 seconds into the animation we see the emblem for the counter-terrorism unit formed by Captain Price at the conclusion of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Likewise, Barry Sloan who played Price in the game shared the announcement so it seems pretty cut and dry he’ll return too.

More intriguingly, some fans spotted that midway through the animation a series of coordinates – 1.3521° N. 103.8198° E – flashed on the screen. As pointed out by renowned leaker Tom Henderson, these coordinates appear to point towards a location in Singapore. More specifically, the location seems to be the resort and luxury hotel at Marina Bay Sands.

Henderson went on to suggest that he’s seen an ‘early’ image from the game and noted it included a soldier repelling down the side of a glass building. So perhaps something like what we’ve seen previously in Call of Duty Ghosts (see image/Tweet below).

Singapore aside, VGC reports has reported for some time that the Modern Warfare 2 campaign will centre around the drug war against Columbian cartels, which we imagine will be another location we’ll visit.

According to the site, sources have suggested to them that the single-player story will be “a grittier take on Modern Warfare 2019’s campaign”. Likewise, VGC suggests the game will feature “more close-quarters combat, tricky decision making, and the classic Call of Duty set-piece moments”.

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According to known Call of Duty insider ‘RalphsValve’, Activision wants to dip into its extended back catalogue of releases to help fill the annual gaps.


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