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Nick FarrellMay 21, 2024

League of Legends Patch 14.11 Patch Notes: All Changes and More

We’re entering the onset of the 14th season of League of Legends, and this all this said, it doesn’t appear Riot is going to stop anytime soon with the patches.

Now, the full patch release calendar is here, and the next patch on the slate is 14.11.

Here's all the patch notes thus far. 

League of Legends Patch 14.11 Patch Notes: All Changes and More

The next League of Legends patch is going to change up quite a few champions, alongside changing other elements of the game, as this is the case when it comes to most LoL patches.

While these changes are going to be exciting, you’re going to want to be in the know for when they’ll release.

Here's all the datamined changes thus far. 



  • base health:  600 --> 630
  • armor growth:  4.2 --> 4.7


  • a bit ago it was brought up that Ornn's passive was unsustainable due to the demand to create copypasted versions of his item upgrades and also have to make sure to keep them updated with any changes from the base items
  • the passive upgrades have now been overhauled
  • however this is clearly unfinished and buggy so it's not entirely clear what the final vision is supposed to be (the tooltip currently has only removed the "certain legendary items" clause and makes no mention of the rest of the upgrade mechanics in any form)
  • regardless, this is how it can now currently be observed to function:
    • Ornn can now upgrade every completed item except for unstacked Tear items, Support Quest items, Mejai's Soulstealer, and Vigilant Wardstone
    • Ornn's upgrades now grant a mostly-fixed 1000 gold value to the following stats that the item possesses (split mostly-evenly):
      • AD:  +1/35g  (same as Long Sword)
      • AP:  +1/20g  (same as Amplifying Tome)
      • HP:  +1/2.66g  (same as Ruby Crystal)
      • Armor:  +1/20g  (same as Cloth Armor)
      • MR:  +1/18g  (same as Null-Magic Mantle)
      • AH:  +1/31.25g  (not sure what this is coming from, but we know that Riot does not actually value Ability Haste based on Glowing Mote like the wiki implies, possible that they took an average across multiple epic items?)
      • AS:  +1/30g  (same as Dagger post-14.10)
      • all other stats do not count (i.e. no Lethality, which would have been cool to see an official stance on its gold value)
    • for example:
      • Kraken Slayer post-14.10 grants 50 AD, 40% AS, and 7% MS on the base item
      • of these, Ornn only upgrades AD and AS, so the 1000 gold value will be split between those, leaving the MS untouched
      • 500g of AD and AS comes out to +14.3 AD and +16.7% AS
      • as a result, the Masterwork Kraken Slayer now grants +64 AD, +56% AS, and +7% MS (it's not entirely clear if it's actually rounding or if it's tooltip only)
    • Health seems to have a unique property to it that diminishes its value when joined by other upgradeable stats (this behavior doesn't exist in the data so I'm not entirely sure about it, it might also just be a math bug)
      • 1 stat (such as Warmog's or Heartsteel):  +375 health (valued at 1000g, which is full value)
      • 2 stats:  +175 health (valued at 465g, instead of 500g, which would grant +188 health)
      • 3 stats:  +125 health (valued at 333g, which is full value)
      • 4 stats:  +75 health (valued at 200g instead of 250g, which would grant +94 health, and suspiciously matches a would-be 5 stat value)
      • 5 stats:  pretty sure there is no such item unless Nexus Blitz Spatula comes back
    • upgrades still apply to only your first slotted item
      • there does not seem to have been anything added yet to better disambiguate where you want your upgrade to go beyond having to coordinate your slots with your Ornn (or in Ornn's case, making sure to have a specific item slotted first before you hit level 13)
      • this could potentially be solved by having the upgrade instead give you the Ornn crafting UI and picking which item to upgrade from there
      • also once you have an item upgraded, that is the only item that will be upgraded for the rest of the game (for example, if you upgraded Randuin's Omen, you cannot sell it to try to upgrade your Jak'Sho, for the rest of the game you will only be able to get upgraded Randuin's Omen)
      • for current testing purposes, the Reset Game cheat does let you pick a new item to upgrade, however it's pretty annoying to have to do that every time
    • upgrades no longer have unique names
      • for example, Black Cleaver now just becomes "Black Cleaver (Masterwork)" instead of Obsidian Cleaver
      • fortunately, the way they have this set up seems like it would be somewhat easy to keep the unique names in the future
      • the name gets changed by using an Item Modifier, and currently there is only one Item Modifier for all Ornn items, so the modifier has been told to simply append the masterwork label
      • however, Item Modifiers also support replacing names entirely, so if they wanted to they could create unique modifiers for each item's Ornn name
      • while this would still result in some future maintenance required whenever new items are added, and would now require every completed item to be given an upgrade name instead of just a handful, it's something you'd only have to do once and never come back to, instead of needing constant upkeep like the live Ornn upgrade system
  • overall this is a very promising solution and its current shortcomings have some pretty good opportunities for improvement


  • Q hold damage now scales with +50% AP (tap damage still does not)
    • note:  the R spear throw reuses the hold damage, so this change also applies there
  • W damage:
    • old:  (60-220 +100% AP) flat physical damage
    • new:  (5%-7% +0.4%% bHP +1.5%% AP) percent health physical damage  (vs monsters:  min 50 and max 200)
  • E empower now also grants (5-30 linear +2.5% bHP) resists for 4s
    • this is in addition to the 60% speed for 1.5s, which is unchanged



Blackfire Torch

  • can now be searched for using "burn" (matching Liandry's Torment as well as Sunfire Aegis, which is possibly leftover from the mythic version?)


  • tooltip once again includes the +5 lethality (this was removed with the 14.10 patch, actual effect was still working fine)



  • Homestart speed duration:  10s --> 20s
    • this is the speed boost you get on game start as well as whenever you respawn before 5:00
    • this doesn't really matter much for game start since it takes 15s for spawn gates to drop + 3s for portal travel time
    • also it currently only grants ~1 speed? there's a data value that implies it should be 50% speed but maybe they divided by 100?


  • W mark duration:  25s --> 10s  (SR is 60s)

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