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Turtle BeachAugust 5, 2022

League of Legends: How To Change Region




League of Legends: How To Change Region


August 5, 2022

Generally speaking when you play League of Legends you will by default play your games on a League of Legends server which is relative to your area of the world.

However, for a variety of reasons you might decide you want to play on a different Lol server. Maybe to play with specific friends on a region different from where you started. Or maybe you have moved countries and need to change to a region that’s better suited to where you live.

Whatever your reason, here’s everything you need to know about changing your server in League of Legends.

Is It Free To Change Region In League of Legends?

No, it is not free to change the region on your League of Legends/Riot Games account. You will be charged a fee to facilitate the change.

You can purchase a transfer in the official store, by clicking the account button, next to “Purchase RP”.

It costs 2600 RP for a one-way transfer and is near-instantaneous after you have paid and selected which region you wish to transfer to.

What Will Transfer In League of Legends?

Do note, when you transfer from one region to another not everything will transfer with you. Below is a list of what will and will not transfer when you change regions.

Summoner Level Victory Points
Champions and skins (ward skins, too) Honor Level
Emotes Forum Badges
Rune pages Current Ranked League placement
Summoner Icons Mission Progress
XP boosts Your Shop offers
BE balance Clash trophies
Remaining RP (after the cost of the transfer) Clash Banners
Friends List Clash Flag Frames
Hextech Crafting Inventory Clash Club affiliations
Champion Mastery levels Loot Milestone Progress
Hidden MMR value (adapted to the new region)
Statistics: games played, takedowns, wins, etc.
Loading screen borders
Item Sets
Summoner name (if it’s available)
Username (as long as it’s globally unique)
Eternals Progress
Challenges Progress

More questions?

Don’t worry, Riot Games have created an Account Transfer FAQ with plenty more questions and answers you might have before you decide to transfer to a new League of Legends region.

That’s everything you need to know about turning off chat in League of Legends. If you’re looking for more guides and help check out some of the links just below.

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