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Nick FarrellJune 25, 2024

Kingdom Hearts 2: Best Starting Weapon To Choose

Kingdom Hearts has now released the entire series on Steam, and this has opened up the series to a ton of players who may have not checked it out below.

Now, one of first choices you make in the game is what kind of weapon you're going to use.

Here's all the differences. 

Kingdom Hearts 2: Best Starting Weapon To Choose

In short, the weapon you pick is only going to affect your playstyle a bit, as it'll only change one of your stats slightly, and it'll be dependent on which weapon you choose. 

Here's a quick summary of the three choices. 

  • Struggle Wand, Magic +1
  • Struggle Hammer, Defense +1
  • Struggle Sword, Strength +1

After the first hour or so of the game, you'll eventually find yourself wielding the keyblade, so don't worry!