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Turtle BeachSeptember 29, 2022

Horizon Forbidden West DLC Teased by Job Listing

It’s been a little over 7 months since Horizon Forbidden West first launched on PS4 and PS5 earlier this year and whilst it already feels like a lifetime ago, we doubt it’ll be forgotten about in a hurry.

Understandably though, fans are probably hoping that Guerrilla Games releases some DLC content to compliment the standard title, in much the same way that the developer previously released The Forbidden Wilds as a DLC expansion to Horizon Zero Dawn.

We’ve already touched on some of the possible ways Horizon Forbidden West DLC could expand the game further afield, but now it looks as though one of our first signs that something is afoot thanks to a recent job listing at the company.

As noticed by the team at tech4gamers, a new job listing at Guerrilla Games appears to be teasing some upcoming content, or at the very least something new for the game.

The job in question is for a Senior Character Artist, and if you’re wondering what that entails it’s mainly to do with transforming character concepts (artwork? Sketches?) into fully developed models that exist within the game. Here’s a full outline of the role:

“Guerrilla’s Character Art team is a multifaceted group of artists with a single focus: bringing the diverse tribes of Horizon’s worlds to life. Working hand-in-hand with peers in other teams at Guerrilla, as well as external partners, this international team of creative problem solvers produces a large variety of content while retaining a tight-knit culture.”

Strictly speaking, the job listing doesn’t outright say ‘hey, come work on some DLC for Horizon’, but it does seem a little odd.

Horizon Forbidden Wilds has been out for some time,  ‘Horizon VR Call of the Mountain’ is likewise nearing the end of development ahead of launch, so why would Guerrilla Games necessarily need a new Senior Character Artist to help bring Horizon’s tribes to life.

In our mind, it’s either a sure sign that DLC for the sequel is underway, or that Guerrilla Games are already plotting on how to expand the world of the game with Horizon 3.

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