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Turtle BeachSeptember 27, 2022

Halo Infinite Store Today (September 27): Latest Item Shop Updates

The Halo Infinite Store has brought the world of daily and weekly item shops to Master Chief’s world. That means players can purchase cosmetic items to bring their own sense of style to the game’s multiplayer component. There are also various items themed on esports teams like FaZe and Fnatic if you feel like repping your favourite championship team.

For those wondering ‘How do you buy things in Halo Infinite?’ the answer is simple, you use in-game Credits, which can be purchased from Microsoft. Eventually, players will be able to earn Credits from the season 2 battle pass, but for the time being you’ll need to part with your hard-earned cash. Read on, we’ll let you know what is available in the item store currently, along with the details on when it next refreshes.

What Is The Halo Infinite Shop Today?

Below we’ve listed the weekly items players can currently purchase from the Halo Infinite store from September 27 to October 4. For the daily items please check in-game:

  • Weekly: Leadbelcher Armor Set (1700 Credits)
  • Weekly: Point Bombarbment Set (700 Credits)
  • Weekly: Mechanised Support Emblem (100 Credits)
  • Weekly: Halite Storm Coating Set (500 Credits)
  • Weekly Item – Boost and Swap Pack (200 Credits)

What time does Halo Infinite store update?

The Halo Infinite shop is split into two parts and includes weekly items and daily items. The weekly items will refresh every Tuesday at 10am PST/1pm EST / 6pm GMT. In addition, the daily items will update at the exact same times, but obviously, daily.

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