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Turtle BeachSeptember 29, 2022

GTA Online Halloween Event 2022: Start Date, Leaks and More

Rockstar originally launched the GTA Online Halloween Surprise event as a sort of content DLC for the enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto Online. In the years that followed it’s fair to say the developer put less stock in the event, adding less and less new content to the game for Halloween, but in 2021 that seemed to all change. There was oodles of new things to do, and a special series of in-game events too. So maybe Rockstar has turned a corner and plans to start putting more stock in this annual worldwide holiday.

If you’re a little bit curious about what Rockstar might have planned for the 2022 GTA Online Halloween Event, read on, we’ll give you a full rundown of what to expect and when it is likely to start.

29 September Update - Checked for the latest leaks surrounding the next GTA Online Halloween Event. All the most recent and active codes are found just below along with the latest news.

Latest News


 Title Content
29 September - Halloween Comes Early

We’re still a full month away from the official Halloween event in GTA Online, but it looks like Rockstar Games are starting a little early.

As part of the GTA+ Rewards for October players can get the following pieces of spooky clothing:

  • “Gray Cracked Puppet” Mask
  • “Grimy Stitched” Mask
  • “Pumpkin Hoodie”
  • Mummy” special outfit.

There are also two demon masks available to anyone who logs into the game during the current GTA Online Event Week.

22 August - Early Teasers Start Early?


GTA Online fans on Reddit appear to have spotted what could be an early teaser for the game’s next Halloween event, with players noticing a jack-o’-lantern outside ammunation nation store by the military base. Given it’s only August, it seems a bit too early so maybe it’s just a glitch for the time being.

We wouldn’t be surprised if these jack-o’-lantern become a new type of collectible of some sort, with Rockstar rewarding players for finding a certain number of them during the course of the special event week.

For now, we’ll just have to wait until closer to the event to get a better idea of what Rockstar has planned.

22 August - Leaks Aplenty Following New DLC

Following the release of the GTA Online Summer Update, which was The Criminal Enterprises DLC, dataminers managed to find a whole heap of clothing coming in the future, including a new Sasquatch outfit, a Mummy outfit, a jack-o’-lantern hoody and various new masks. Take a look at some of the new items, just below.

Whether these new items are added as part of a Halloween event week, or part of GTA+ remains to be seen, but we imagine they’re likely being held back for the Halloween 2022 Event.


When is the 2022 GTA Online Halloween Event?

As you might imagine, the annual GTA Online Halloween event happens in and around the same time as the Halloween festivities in real life. For those who don’t know, Halloween is a holiday celebrated each year on October 31. So normally we expect to see the Halloween event in GTA Online rolled out on the last week of October, as close to the normal GTA Online Weekly Update (Thursday’s) as possible.

In 2022, Halloween is on Monday October 31, so we would imagine that the GTA Online Halloween Event will start on October 27, 2022. As for a start time, these events normally begin following the rollout of the GTA Online Weekly Update, which is normally has a start time of 10am GMT. For now, this hasn’t been confirmed as official by Rockstar Games, and likely won’t until the day in question via the Rockstar Newswire.

Below you can see the dates for when the GTA Online Halloween Event started and ended in previous years:

Event Start Date End Date
GTA Online Halloween Event 2015 October 29 November 16
GTA Online Halloween Event 2016 October 28 November 15
GTA Online Halloween Event 2017 October 27 November 6
GTA Online Halloween Event 2018 October 30 November 5
GTA Online Halloween Event 2019 October 31 November 6
GTA Online Halloween Event 2020 October 29 November 4
GTA Online Halloween Event 2021 October 28 November 3
GTA Online Halloween Event 2022 (Prediction) October 27 (Prediction) November 3

GTA Online Halloween Event Cars

Typically Rockstar uses the Halloween event week to wheel out their collection of spooky vehicles. In the case of last year, several of the games vehicles designed to strike terror into the hearts of mortals were heavily discounted and we also saw the Albany Lurcher available as the weekly Podium Car at The Diamond Casino & Resort.

In 2022 we would expect to see some of the vehicles and discounts listed below return once again:

  • MTL Nightmare Cerberus – 50% off
  • Declasse Nightmare Brutus – 50% off
  • HVY Nightmare Scarab – 50% off
  • Vapid Nightmare Imperator – 50% off
  • Annis Nightmare ZR380 – 50% off
  • Western Nightmare Deathbike – 50% off
  • LCC Sanctus – 35% off
  • Pfister Growler – 30% off

What Other GTA Online Halloween Content Can We Expect?

Usually, fans can expect to see some of the game’s strangest Halloween-themed activities return, including Come Out to Play, Condemned, select Slasher maps, and Alien Survivals. Last year Rockstar also gave players 3X GTA$ & RP on the Halloween Bunker Series.

They also added a few new events too, in the form of UFO Sightings taking place across Los Santos. There was also a phantom car which started following folks and attacking them without warning, and a series of psychotic Slasher killers – with superhuman strength – who were terrorizing players in freemode sessions.

We imagine we’ll see all of this sort of special holiday-themed content return, as well as potentially a few new tricks too.

That’s everything you need to know about the GTA Online Halloween Event for 2022, but make sure to check back for more info as it becomes available. But if you’re looking for more GTA guides then follow the links below for more helpful tips, tricks and explainers.

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