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Turtle BeachSeptember 27, 2022

GTA Online Player Shows How To Become A Billionaire With AFK Method

Making money is the be-all and end-all of playing GTA Online.

Sure there are some missions and occasional story beats in the game, but the main aim of the game is all about the grind of making as much money as possible.

Players can do this in all sorts of ways, selling cars, missions, heists, and passive income made through businesses. There’s no shortage of ways to get rich in the city of Los Santos.

However as spotted by GTA Boom, one player who took to Reddit to share that he recently managed to become a billionaire by literally doing nothing.

One player did the math and it turns out it would take roughly six hours of playtime every day ever since the game first launched on 1st October 2013 to achieve such a feat.

If you’re thinking how incredible a feat that is, don’t stand up to applaud just yet.

In reality, it turns out that Reddit user u/jamcar70 managed to become a billionaire by using a well-known security cam glitch.

This meant he was able to become a Billionaire in just over two years by farming a well-known Nightclub glitch whilst AFK.

If you’re thinking of doing it yourself, you’ve probably got about two years’ time before GTA 6 eventually arrives.

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