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Turtle BeachAugust 12, 2019

Experience No Man’s Sky In Another Reality With The Beyond Update

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No Man’s Sky Beyond adds VR support, a new community hub, cooking, and so much more.

Experience No Man’s Sky In Another Reality With The Beyond Update
August 12, 2019


The launch of No Man’s Sky was shrouded in controversy. The game hit player’s consoles and PCs, and what was presented did not align with what was shown on Sony’s stage or in interviews. Players were understandably annoyed, feeling mislead by the promise of exploring a truly infinite universe with friends. But since 2016, the team at Hello Games have more than turned the ship around. The No Man’s Sky that stands before us today is actually even greater than what was promised to players at its reveal.

After release, the team at Hello Games put their heads down and got to work. What followed was a series of free updates that consistently improved the user experience of No Man’s Sky. And now, some three years after its release, No Man’s Sky is receiving another update called, Beyond. Before we dive into what’s coming, let’s first talk about what’s come before.

Foundation Update

The Foundation Update was No Man’s Sky’s first real content drop. This release saw a huge list of features added to the game, including a creative mode, automated mining, biome-specific resources, farmable plants, the recruiting of aliens, and the option to claim a home planet and build a base. Though it was large in its own right, it was just a speck compared to what Hello Games had in mind for the future of No Man’s Sky.

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Path Finder Update


The Path Finder Update followed from Foundation’s lead, adding even more for players to experience. For the hardcore players, a permadeath mode was added, giving players the challenge of finishing the campaign on a single life.

To add more variety to the planets, damaged starships would now come plummeting down to the surface. These crashed vessels gave players an excellent means of finding new resources.

No Man’s Sky also received three exocraft vehicles with this update. Players could use these vehicles to move around planets with greater speed and control. The Colossus even featured mounted weaponry to aid in mining and defense.

Atlas Rises Update


Atlas Rises was the third major content update to No Man’s Sky and cemented the game as a truly beautiful experience. The update included a range of graphical updates which included an overhaul to the interstellar galaxy map.

Terrain manipulation introduced a new way to create bases. Instead of just using building blocks made of materials, the surrounding area could be bent to the player’s will. Extrude land to form interesting creations or carve away great chunks to create a moat.

The massive obelisk structures also came into their own. These monoliths could now be used to quick-travel to other planets, a great choice for those who want to avoid space combat. But again, that also saw an improvement as new weaponry and combat options were added.

Finally, multiplayer was added to No Man’s Sky. While it wasn’t precisely what players were expecting, they could at least see a representation of their friends in-game.

Next Update


Just when the gaming industry thought No Man’s Sky couldn’t get any better, Hello Games went and released a new update. Simply titled Next, this free content release expanded No Man’s Sky to a point where anyone who bowed out during the initial release was sure to be sucked back in.

True multiplayer was added with Next. Players could now see one another running around on planets, and they all looked different because character customization was introduced. Furthermore, a new third-person perspective allowed users to see their own character.

So much added in the Next update that’s there’s almost too much to talk about here. There were updates to every single little detail in No Man’s Sky. It was truly an incredible moment for players.

Beyond Update


All of this building and improving of No Man’s Sky has led to now. The Beyond update, if you can even fathom it, is the biggest update the game has received. Headlining this release is VR support. If you’ve got a VR headset, you can now experience No Man’s Sky in a new, breathtakingly immersive way.

Beyond also looks to stitch all of No Man’s Sky’s various systems together. Players have been used to farming for a while now, but a new cooking system will allow them to create all manner of foodstuffs. From there, you can even deliver your food across the universe!

In a bid to bring more players together to experience the multiplayer side of No Man’s Sky, Hello Games is adding the Nexus. This giant community area can be summoned in a similar fashion to freighters and acts as a mobile hub. Players can congregate here to meet one another, purchase goods from new markets, and collect missions and quests.

Oh, and you can also tame and ride creatures! We’ll be building an army of crabs to ride into battle with our friends.

Between all these content drops, there have been countless updates. No Man’s Sky continues to be nurtured by the incredible team at Hello Games, and as time goes on, it’s only going to get better. This has to be one of the greatest comebacks in video game history. We can’t wait to see what lies ahead for No Man’s Sky. But for now, we need to get our VR headsets ready for a trip across the universe with Beyond on August 8th, 2019.

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