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Turtle BeachNovember 18, 2020

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Changes You Should Know


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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Changes You Should Know


November 18, 2020

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is finally available, and millions of operators have already jumped into the experience.  While there’s a meaty single-player campaign to power through, most players dive straight into the multiplayer action.  Multiplayer in Call of Duty has long since been where players spend the majority of their time, and there’s no doubt that’ll be the case with Black Ops Cold War.  You just can’t beat the intense gunfights and head-to-head action that real-life players bring to the battlefield.

While some of the core mechanics in Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer are tried and true, there’s actually a handful of notable changes to the gameplay.  There are even some features that have never appeared in a Call of Duty multiplayer experience so far.  Here are some of the revamps, tweaks, and brand-new content you can expect when you hop into the online frenzy.


Critics and fans agree that one of the biggest changes Black Ops Cold War features over the previous Call of Duty games is the Scorestreak system.  Scorestreaks are earned by growing your score, which is done by racking up kills and completing objectives.  You can also get some bonus score if you keep taking out opposition without getting downed yourself.  The bigger your score, the better the Scorestreak you can unlock.  Best of all, your Score doesn’t reset if you get taken out.

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Operators can equip three Scorestreaks at a time, and you can earn multiple Scorestreaks in a single life.  You can’t spam them onto the unsuspecting opposition, though.  There’s going to be a cooldown period for each Scorestreak, and these differ between which one you’re using.  You’ll start out with access to the Spy Plane, Care Package, and Attack Helicopter, but as you level up, you’ll unlock all sorts of Scorestreak options.  Get ready for the Combat Bow, Cruise Missile, a Napalm Strike, and many other devastating options.


Wildcards have made their return in Black Ops Cold War, albeit with some changes.  Wildcards can pave the way for some big changes to your loadout, giving you just the edge you need in battle.  The right combination of weapons and Wildcards could be the difference between getting absolutely destroyed, or pulling out a miraculous win at the last second.

Black Ops Cold War allows for a single Wildcard to be used per class, as to not let operators absolutely break the game.  Players have access to multiple Wildcard options, including ones that let you equip an extra piece of lethal/tactical equipment, equip any weapon class in any slot, unlock additional attachment slots, use an extra Perk, and more.  There’s absolutely no downside to equipping Wildcards, and as more unlock throughout gameplay, you can put together a killer lineup.

Field Mic

While there’s a range of new Field Upgrades in Black Ops Cold War, the Field Mic could be an absolute game-changer if used correctly.  You’ll have to earn access to the Field Mic by working through the progression system, but once it’s available to you, it might become your new favorite.

Black Ops Cold War has certainly stepped things up in the audio department, using a system that allows you to hear the location of enemies better than ever before. With that said, the Field Mic takes things to the next level.   This Field Upgrade is a recording device that gives a visual indication of enemy sounds on your mini-map.  If any enemies run by or cause some other commotion in the general vicinity, your Field Mic will pick it up and drop a ping on your mini-map.  Now you’ve got the perfect companion to get the drop on your opponents.

There are even more changes bound to be down the line, as they balance and tweak(nerf) the guns and load-outs as we all get more playtime in. So make sure to stay frosty. You never know what’s coming but we can all be sure to have fun during.

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