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Turtle BeachApril 9, 2024

Battlefield 2042 Season 7 to be the Games Final Season

While Battlefield 2042 released on a sour note for many players, the game has improved drastically over recent years.

Now, EA has announced some drastic changes to the game, which will affect how it is supported going forward.

Here’s what we know.

Battlefield 2042 Season 7 To Be The Games Final Season

Battlefield 2042 has been moving along steadily throughout the usual season releases, but this will all be coming to an end during the current season.

EA has noted the following.

Last month, we released the seventh season of Battlefield 2042 – Turning Point, which added an intense new urban map set in Chile as well as several weapons and a new gadget, with a revamped map based on the Stadium location from Hourglass, two themed events, and a new weapon and vehicle to come.

While we’ve enjoyed and are proud of creating these seasons of additional content for Battlefield 2042, it is now necessary for us to turn from the present to the future. What this ultimately means is that Season 7 will serve as the final season for Battlefield 2042. After Season 7 concludes, we will continue to support the game with new in-game challenges, events, modes, and of course, ongoing maintenance, but we are moving away from delivering official seasons.

We know this news may be disappointing.  However, as we looked at what the future of the series required, it became clear it was time for us to shift our resources and focus to be fully dedicated to what comes next.

EA has further noted that they’ve acquired Motive Studio, to help work on the next Battlefield.

To that end, Motive Studio – the talented developers known most recently for their work on the critically acclaimed remake of Dead Space and Star Wars: Squadrons – are building a team focused on Battlefield at their studio. We’re tremendously excited for Motive, as they are bringing their expertise with Frostbite and compelling storytelling to the fold, joining DICE, Criterion, and Ripple Effect in building a Battlefield universe across connected multiplayer experiences and single-player.

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