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Nick FarrellJune 6, 2024

All Campaign Missions In Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Destiny 2 has consistently been one of the most played live service games throughout the years, and with The Final Shape now here, players are stoked to conclude the light versus dark saga. 

One of the first things most players are going to do when they load in is check out the campaign, and we're going to run over all the missions. 

Here's what we know. 

All Campaign Missions In Destiny 2 The Final Shape 

The brand new DLC is here, and finally players are able to see what Bungie has to offer. 

As usual, there's going to be quite a few missions for players to complete, and they're mission names are as follows. 

  • Mission 1: Transmigration
  • Mission 2: Temptation
  • Mission 3: Exegesis
  • Mission 4: Requiem
  • Mission 5: Ascent
  • Mission 6: Dissent
  • Mission 7: Iconoclasm
  • Mission 8: ? 

The final mission will not become available to players until the Salvation's Edge raid is completed by one of the world first teams.