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Turtle BeachAugust 16, 2019

5 Funniest Modern Video Games

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Need a game to get your laugh on? Then these modern titles are sure to keep you giggling as you play your way through.

August 16, 2019

The world loves to laugh, and many video games most certainly help us get there. From the dry undertakings of games like Portal to the more straightforward zaniness that comes to us from Double-Fine games like Psychonauts and Brütal Legend, there are games out there that just bring us to tears of joy, pure and simple. Are you looking for a good laugh to play your night away? Then we’ve got some solid modern titles to keep you entertained. These are some of the funniest games on current platforms.

West of Loathing

Are you a cowboy or are you a wizard in West of Loathing? The answer is yes.

West of Loathing was given to us by Asymmetric of the Kingdom of Loathing universe. It’s a black and white adventure that takes players to the old-timey Wild West where everything was black and white and all cowboys were stick figures. You’ll duel up some desperados, skeletons, bigger skeletons, evil cows and many more enemies as you waggle your stick body through the unforgiving land of saloons, spittoons, and shenanigans abound. West of Loathing is lighthearted to its core but brings enough RPG mechanics to keep the ride engaging as you hunt down quests and treasures and make yourself stronger with all the guns, dynamite, and lassos a stick figure cowpoke needs to survive this bizarre rendition of the old West.

Goat Simulator

The world is yours for the taking in Goat Simulator’s escapades. You only need to click your hooves and unravel it.

Once upon a time, somebody wondered, “what if there was a game where you were just a goat?” and so Goat Simulator was born from Coffee Stain Studios. For years, this game has been delighting folks looking to get their goat on. Whether that involves attacking picnics, getting involved in necromancy, busting out sick goat tricks, or other chaotic goatery, your goat adventure is only confined to your imagination… and your goat. Having only come to Nintendo Switch in 2019, it’s a good time to re-explore the world of hoofs, horns, and deadly sticky licks in all its splendid glory. What will you discover in the wild world of Goat Simulator?

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Strange Brigade

Strange Brigade may look straight-faced upfront, but your constant narrator companion ensures it’s anything but.

What happens when you take the zombie co-op stylings of games like Left 4 Dead and mix it together with 1930s adventure cinema aesthetic? Why it’s the amazing exploits of the Strange Brigade! This 2018 title from Rebellion follows a group of adventurers into the jungles of Africa where a revived witch queen and her army of zombies and monsters awaits. Strange Brigade has almost a Fortnite-like cartoon style to its action, but even if it didn’t, the enthusiastic narrator cheering on the heroes and booing the enemies at every turn would make it worth a trip. Cutscenes are offered in campy old-school movie style and quips between the characters and the narrator fills each harrowing fight with mummies, minotaurs, and denizens of the undead. If you like the Left 4 Dead style and want some amusing schlock narrative to go with it, Strange Brigade will keep you and your friends smiling all the way through the adventure.

Surgeon Simulator

Surgery with a… claw hammer? Sure, why not? There are all sorts of horrible things you’ll do to get the job done in Surgery Simulator, even with the right tools.

Surgeon Simulator packs in all of the fun and grit of being a real surgeon. Or… at least trying to. Really, the fun is in how ill-equipped and clumsy you are in handling all of the tremendously delicate procedures you are assigned to undertake. Opening up a rib cage with a circular saw may sound like the right call, right up until your saw gets caught in the patient’s soft bits and turns them to goo as you desperately try to free the tool from their body, or when you get it out only to accidentally drop the running saw on their face. Certainly, it’s a bit graphic, but Surgeon Simulator’s motion interface with the hands is built to supply the best and most ridiculous moments when you’re failing horribly. Having come to most platforms including most recently Android devices and the Nintendo Switch, you perform surgery on your hapless patients (or victims depending on how you look at it) from anywhere.

Jackbox Party Pack Series

Whether Jackbox Party Pack hands you the funnies or gives you the means to make them yourselves, it’s bound to be a good time with friends.

The Jackbox Party Pack series has quite a few titles to its name, and each time it comes back, there is plenty of fun to be had. At its core, Jackbox always carries the You Don’t Know Jack trivia games which are always good for some easy laughs, but it’s so much more. Between games like Drawful and Tee K.O. which requires you to use whatever questionable art skills you have to draw up any zany prompt it gives you, and Fibbage, which require you to craft the best lies to the weirdest questions, The Jackbox Party Pack series is one that allows groups of people to be their most ridiculous. It’s a perfect fit at any social gathering, but it can also be played online with an audience taking part. Every step of the way, the Jackbox games set the stage for people to make their own laughs all night long.

These are some of our favorite side-splitting games. From older school picks given new life on fresh platforms to all-new adventures built to tickle the funny bone, everything here is something you need to see if you haven’t yet. Anything in particular that you love that wasn’t on our list? What are your absolute favorite funny video games?

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